Germany: The location for High-end Medicine

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delta-med international specialises in the arrangement, coordination and attendance of medical services, offering first class quality for international patients in Germany. Together with partners, hospitals, doctors and rehabilitation centers, we guarantee high-tech medical services, technology and competence paired with long lasting extensive experience.

In the international medical community Germany is renowned as THE location for top class medicine. Traditionally, German health professionals have always been known for intensive research to help prevent and combat diseases as well as developing the latest operation methods. They do this through constant communication and cooperation with their European and American colleagues.

delta-med combines professional, progressive treatment and respective know-how throughout its network of acute and rehabilitation hospitals to ensure excellent results.


More and more today, Germany is considered a "destination" in the medical world due to its pleasant and clean climate but also because of its very accessible clinics. They offer first class accommodation, excellent cuisine (with extensive consideration of ethnic and religious requirements), friendly and cooperative personnel (English or native language spoken) and perhaps more importantly, an all-around diligent attendance of the patient and his/her relatives.

Starting with your first contact, delta-med international provides first class services. This varies from the selection and booking of medical services to the settling of all administrative tasks, travel arrangements, chauffeur and limousine services, personal security and interpretation services, etc. All upon request. Besides the attendance of accompanying relatives (hotel arrangements, wellness packages, shopping and sightseeing tours, and more) we also take care of your regeneration with special rehabilitation or cure clinics, all tailored to your needs.


Your desire – our intention:
We will go to any length to arrange your stay as successful and pleasant as possible!